Today in the city Thunder Bay 17.12.2017
Metro Vancouver app encourages Christmas shoppers to buy experiences, not things

A new Metro Vancouver initiative is encouraging Christmas shoppers to "create memories, not garbage."

Indigenous Societies 'Bounce Back' When Sacred Objects Are Returned

Ryan Heavy Hand had been helping First Nations bring home ceremonial objects from museums for years, but this call from an institution in Oregon was a first."The museum had a beaver bundle," said Heav...

6-year-old boy dies in hospital after Hwy. 403 crash near Mavis Rd.

A pregnant woman and male driver were also taken to hospital in critical condition, but have stabilized. The crash happened on Hwy. 403 near Mavis Rd. Friday.

Un incendie fait rage au centre-ville de Montréal

Le Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal sonne une alarme générale pour tenter de maîtriser un incendie qui ravage un bâtiment résidentiel à l'angle de la rue Stanley et de l'avenue Docteur-Penfiel...

Boy left with burn-like scars from henna tattoo in Mexico

A henna tattoo from a beach vendor in Mexico left a 7-year-old Edmonton boy with burn-like scars from a chemical reaction.

San Francisco Bay cove closed to swimmers after two rare sea lion attacks

The aggressive behaviour is so unusual for sea lions that officials think the same animal attacked both swimmers, a spokesperson said.

Un homme de 82 ans souffrant d'Alzheimer porté disparu à Montréal

Le Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) demande l'aide de la population pour tenter de retrouver un octogénaire souffrant d'Alzheimer.

I Won't Mind If You Return The Gift I Bought You — I Encourage It

I'm no Scrooge. I love the gift-giving spirit. Yeah, as a teen in the '90s, I railed against the false pretenses and corniness. But now I think the concept of a "Hallmark holiday" is positively quaint...

A meteor may have been behind an explosion that shook houses in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay police say officers found a hole in the snow about 75 centimetres wide on the side of the road, with a pile of what appeared to be rock-like material.

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